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Are you a fan of The Golden Spider and The Silver Skull?

The Golden Spider and The Silver Skull, both steampunk romances, are the first two books in The Elemental Web Chronicles. The third novel in the series will be: The Iron Fin. A novella set in the same world, A Trace of Copper, will be available this summer. If you’re interested in discussing the book – or steampunk novels in general, come join my closed group on Facebook. What happens in the group? Conversation and inside information on the books.

How do I join the Elemental Web Weavers?

This is a closed Facebook group, so you have to ask to join. Follow the link below, and once you’re there, click *Join* and Anne will approve your membership. Once you’re in, all conversation is private, and Anne can share behind-the-scenes peeks at the process of bringing her books to print. She’ll answer your questions about her writing process and about what’s happening with the books, sharing things that will otherwise not be made public.

Interested? Click this link:  To the Elemental Web Weavers!

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