Introducing Felicia Beasley, author of Archangel’s Blade

Felicia Beasley has a special place in her heart for misunderstood monsters. Fascinated with the things that go bump in the night, she has spent a lifetime steeped in mythology and fairy tales. Drawn to stories with bad-ass heroines and their alpha heroes, she’s spent her life with pen in hand transcribing the many adventures of the people living inside her head.

Wanting to be Joss Whedon when she grows up, she craves the freedom of imagination and the power of story. From George R.R. Martin to Jim Butcher, fantasy is her first love. She is blessed with two adorable munchkins and an alpha hero all her own. Oh and a cat. Shadow rules the home with furry paws and claws of dominance.

Whether in our world or one straight from the imagination, her books are full of unforgettable characters, magical adventures, and sizzling hot sex.

Love or loyalty? When the world is at stake, you can’t afford to make the wrong choice.

Damian Trenton has one purpose: protect his little sister from the angels who want her dead.

When a beautiful stranger walks through the door of his PI office, Damian knows she’s trouble. Secrets are hidden behind unnaturally blue eyes and lies flow freely from her red lips, but he’s always been a sucker for a woman in need. After a hasty promise, Damian is forced to reenter the murky politics of his angelic kin in order to keep her alive.

But when all it takes is one wrong move to expose his secrets, will Damian damn the the most important person in his life to save the woman he is falling for?

Archangel Saraquel has spent the eons of her life in service to the whims of egomaniacs. She has hunted and killed the hybrid abominations for centuries, spilling innocent blood to prevent the awakening of the old gods. But when a half-human PI stirs something in her heart she thought long dead, Sara must choose between protecting the world or keeping the one who will destroy it safe.

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