Enjoy these thrilling teasers from the Science Fiction and Fantasy box set Myths and Magic

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Saving the inn might mean losing her life.


The old eddas speak of dreki—fabled creatures who haunt the depths of Iceland’s volcanoes, and steal away fair maidens.


Animal activist Deena Hammond had no idea the wolf cub she just rescued is a shifter—not until the Werewolf sent to recover him kidnaps her.


If you are not strong enough to save yourself, can you save the world?

A small Welsh village. An interrupted romance. A rogue frog on the loose threatening their future.

For sixty years, Earth has been getting ready for their return.

A hybrid plague is about to destroy the most advanced civilization on earth. The only solution is in the past.


No memory. No name. Nowhere left to run…

What do you do when darkness calls your name?

Friday the 13th is no time to be a telekinetic–at least, not this one.


A mythic romance blossoms. A dark legend discovered. As vampires rise to power in England, love must conquer.

Gypsies, Vamps, and Weres…

Ray Cross wasn’t a hero; he could die too easily. But some things are worth risking death…


What happens when a wacky witch who casts spells that backfire, collides with a hunkalicious food wizard who practices alchemy from a food truck?


What do you get when you cross a hockey mom with the grim reaper?


Shadows attack…


In a world ruled by blood, don’t forget to check the shadows.


How do you win a war against an enemy you can’t touch?


Leave your world for ours…

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