A small Welsh village.

An interrupted romance.

A rogue frog on the loose threatening their future.


An Elemental Web Tale


New recruit to the Queen’s agents, Dr. Piyali Mukherji is given a simple first assignment. Travel to the small Welsh village of Aberwyn and solve the mystery of a young woman’s blue skin lesion. A challenging task, for the alarming infection is unlike anything she’s seen before—and it’s spreading.

Evan Tredegar, the town’s pharmacist and the only man to ever capture her heart, knows more than he’s telling. Despite his efforts to push her away, her touch reawakens old desires. As more villagers fall victim to the strange disease, he’ll have no choice but to reveal his secrets, even if it means sacrificing his freedom.

Together they must move past broken promises, capture a rogue frog, and stop the infection before it spreads out of control.

“A delightful blend of modern and mystical.”

“I can’t wait to read more from this series…”

“…the perfect mix of mystery, romance, science and steampunk”

“Unexpected plot twists, an intriguing premise and strong secondary characters”

“The plot was quick, suspenseful, and entertaining; the comic relief was laugh-out-loud funny”

“I love that you can feel the story being grounded in scientific fact while still spinning an incredible tale that requires you to suspend your disbelief”

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