Strange, secretive neighbors.

Groundhogs run amok.

The steep price of resurrecting the past.


An Elemental Web Tale

After years of avoiding his family, cryptobiologist Ryan Nolan returns to New Haven to investigate rumors of a dragon sighting. Yet instead of a giant mythological lizard, he stumbles upon a dead body. Connecting the murder to missing Mexican artifacts leads him on a path straight back to his long-lost love, Charlotte.

Charlotte Reid has never been one to shy away from a challenge. As a bone hunter in the Wild West and a paleontologist in the East, she has a taste for adventure. But when secretive neighbors move in next door, and strange groundhogs invade her backyard, she finds herself in the middle of a cryptozoological conspiracy.

As their feelings for each other emerge stronger than ever before, the duo must pair Charlotte’s knowledge of the past with Ryan’s expertise in the present to uncover the truth. Encountering unimaginable dangers in their search for clues, will their bond be strong enough to survive the unknown?

“an exciting adventure with the dangerous and unpredictable elements of a quest novel”

“Love this author and the worlds she creates. Always intriguing, full of passion and science. Charlotte and Ryan are perfect for each other and for the story!”

“Anne Renwick keeps us hooked from the first to the very last page as these twists and turns which include plots, murders, animal monsters, mad scientists and half eaten gophers take hold. A thoroughly enjoyable read!”

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