I am collecting names and email addresses for an

APPLE BOOKS reviewer group.

Authors need your help. Apple has all sorts of review requirements in order for authors to have books promoted on their platform and PNR and UF in particular do not have the largest audience. It’s been very difficult to gain any traction on their site for the last decade. Yes. Decade. Apple is one of the most challenging platforms for some genres.

We are hoping to do what we can to get some assistance in meeting Apple’s requirements so our books even have a chance at promotion.

What kind of books? Paranormal, urban fantasy and contemporary romance.

What do you get? A whole lot of free books from many authors (not just me).

Do you have to read them all? Nope. You only read the books you’re interested in.

Do you have to review them all? Only the ones you read. But remember, you need to review them on APPLE BOOKS! When you finish one book, just leave a review and let us know you’re ready for another book.

*Remember this means you own an Apple device and have an iTunes account. You can’t do this from a Kindle.

I want in! What do I do? Fill in the form below and check the box! We’ll contact you soon!!!



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