On Mexican Antiquities

The idea for FLIGHT OF THE SCARAB started fermenting…

Are those mushrooms Anne Renwick wrote about in FLIGHT OF THE SCARAB real?

On Mexican Antiquities

IN PURSUIT OF DRAGONS  Doune Castle lies northwest of Edinburgh.

VENOMOUS SECRETS  Lamia are women from the waist up, snakes from the waist down. 

In VENOMOUS SECRETS we first encounter Cait on a mission to retrieve a serpent…

In my book, A WHISPER OF BONE, mention of real historical individuals and locations surface. 

Bioluminescence and how it illuminates the dark nights in The Elemental Web.

THE IRON FIN  I so very badly wanted to see the Inner and Outer Hebrides…

On Mexican Antiquities

In A WHISPER OF BONE, we meet Carlos Tetzopa, a visiting professor from the National Mexican Museum.

The inspiration behind the creation of Cait’s character and how she becomes the heroine of VENOMOUS SECRETS.

The original opening for THE GOLDEN SPIDER, taking you behind the scenes…

On Mexican Antiquities

In THE GOLDEN SPIDER, Lady Amanda Ravensburg invents a clockwork spider that can re-weave nerves.

When a rogue frog on the loose in a small village of Wales became the focus of A TRACE OF COPPER…

So one night over a glass of wine, I said, “I’ve this idea for a character… will you help?”

The nocturnal flight pattern of the pteryform is tolerated for creature’s predation upon the kraken that infest the Thames. 

A SNOWFLAKE AT MIDNIGHT Are researchers really mining medieval texts for ideas they can apply to modern medicine?

A SNOWFLAKE AT MIDNIGHT  Traditional holiday foods, something distinctive with a smell that bring to mind memories of the season.

On Mexican Antiquities

A SNOWFLAKE AT MIDNIGHT Mistletoe, it’s not just for kisses! Is it poisonous? At a low dose, can mistletoe be used as a medicine?

Where do all those strange words come from? 

 How the Effra, one of London’s lost rivers, came to play a key role in THE GOLDEN SPIDER.

On Mexican Antiquities

THE SILVER SKULL Bones. Far from static objects.

On Mexican Antiquities

What is Kobo Plus? Are Anne Renwick’s books enrolled in it?

On Mexican Antiquities

The Elemental Web books are available to all libraries via the Overdrive App.

It’s true, I’ve eyed the beautiful swords hanging on various walls for years now.

A poster commented that the menu categories “salad and plant-based salad” had given him pause.

On Mexican Antiquities

Why is A TRACE OF COPPER set in Wales? 

KRAKEN AND CANALS With everything turning up red, white and pink in February, some might prefer a darker tone. 

On Mexican Antiquities

I decided to try making one of those awesome black steel steampunk tables…

Barcelona. It’s a beautiful old city with an odd Christmas tradition.

Anne attempts to pour tea without using her hands.

Join Anne’s closed group on Facebook where other readers hang out to chat.

A Perfect Castle - Book Inspiration

THE SILVER SKULL  One of my all-time favorite castles is Burg Eltz.

On Mexican Antiquities

A TRACE OF COPPER It’s no real surprise that I’ve set a story in Wales, one of the most magical places I’ve ever visited.

Sock MITOSIS involving laundry.

On Mexican Antiquities

On to MEIOSIS. This is where things start to get messy. 

On Mexican Antiquities

What is that sexy groove that runs from the hips across the pelvis?

In this article we’re going to conduct an at-home laboratory experiment. 

The topic: grammar, spelling and nerves. Wait, did I read that correctly?

There is only one penny-farthing, high wheel bike race in the U.S.A. 

On Mexican Antiquities

Not just brass goggles, leather corsets and top hats covered with gears and gadgetry.

Researchers gathered together a bunch of ovulating women and had them sniff the sweaty armpits…

Remember that awesome scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark where Marion Ravenwood drinks a man under the table?

Home renovations… so much fun. 

The experience begins when they lock you in a room and you choose your cover identity.

One of the places I insisted upon visiting was Gretna Green

There is only one penny-farthing, high wheel bike race in the U.S.A. and it takes place in Fredrick, Maryland. ​

Each story stands by itself and has its own hero and heroine, meaning you can start wherever you want.

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