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Odd Biology Facts: How to fill the lull in a conversation… or kill it dead.

The Dark Soul Martini

With everything turning up red, white and pink in February, some might prefer a darker tone. To that effect, I present The Dark Soul Martini, an alternative drink for the month. To ensure I provided you with the best possible cocktail, I turned to a close friend whose...

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Department of Cryptobiology

Join the Department of Cryptobiology Are you a fan? The Golden Spider and The Silver Skull, both steampunk romances, are the first two books in The Elemental Web Chronicles. The third novel in the series will be: The Iron Fin. There is also a novella set in the same...

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Sock Mitosis

  Sock Mitosis (Cell Division Part 1) This year, my teenager is taking AP Biology. Though he took Biology in 9th grade, he’s forgotten a lot of the details. Including the differences between mitosis and meiosis. Yes, I quizzed him. I’m evil that way. He bore my heavy...

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Sock Meiosis

  On to MEIOSIS. This is where things start to get messy. Like a teenage boy showed up and threw a week’s worth of socks all over his room… but I digress. So in the case of meiosis, the body is interested in making eggs (and sperm) that are different from each other....

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How To Stick a Man To the Wall

In Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) one of the earlier topics covered is the skeletal system. When we examine the pelvis (comprised of two ilia, the sacrum and the coccyx), questions about differences between men and women always arise. Can you tell the difference simply...

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Alcohol Dehydrogenase or Don’t Bet on the Woman

Remember that awesome scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark where Marion Ravenwood drinks a man in her bar under the table while customers place bets all around her? Well, they were right to wager against her. Your average woman (and admittedly, Marion is not average)...

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Birth Control Pills Can Do What?

  Birth control pills solve a lot of problems for us, the most obvious being control over if and/or when we have children. They’re useful for a variety of other things too, but that’s not under discussion here today. What is? How they can alter a woman’s sense...

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A Grammar Gripe: Affect vs. Effect

The topic: grammar, spelling and nerves. Wait, did I read that correctly? Yes. Not only did I expect my students to be on top of their anatomy and physiology when they handed in written reports, I even went so far as to correct their spelling. Particularly after we’d...

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Don’t Poke Your Eye Out

In this article we’re going to conduct a laboratory experiment. All you need is your finger and your eye. And when we’re done, you’ll have yet another fun anatomy and physiology fact filed away. Ready? First, a little background. Think back to that eighth grade health...

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