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What is Steampunk?dirigiblesmall

Not just brass goggles, leather corsets and top hats covered with gears and gadgetry – though these certainly have their place. Steampunk is a way of taking today’s technology and re-imagining it through the eyes of the Victorians, a time defined by rapid medical, scientific and technological progress. Contraptions need not be merely functional. The Victorian esthetic – merging function and beauty – often elevates such mechanical devices to the level of art and fashion. And who better to wield these devices than creative, headstrong and unorthodox individuals bent on working against society’s conventions?

Anne brings an unusual perspective to steampunk. A number of years spent locked inside the bowels of a biological research facility left her permanently altered. In her steampunk world, the Victorian fascination with all things anatomical led to a number of alarming biotechnological advances. Ones that the enemies of Britain would dearly love to possess.

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