A Whisper of Bone

A clockwork scarab.

A fairy ring.

A chance to reignite the past.


An Elemental Steampunk Tale


When Julia Marston stumbles upon her estranged husband’s lifeless body in a cemetery at dawn, she trips and falls into a fairy ring of softly glowing mushrooms. In the eerie silence, a glinting clockwork scarab takes flight. Has her husband’s dark past as an antiquities smuggler finally caught up to him? Will it shatter her present? 

Enter Graham Leyton, a man on a mission to retrieve stolen technology. Equally shocked at her husband’s death, he can’t help but ponder the possibility of a second chance with the woman he never stopped loving. But the crime scene presents a grim revelation. A once mutual friend, now consumed by his obsession with Julia, has reprogrammed the clockwork creature for a sinister purpose: murder.

As the race to capture the clockwork scarab unfolds, the past and present collide in a whirlwind of deceit and longing, hurtling toward a confrontation that will define their future.

Available April 24, 2024

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