A clockwork scarab.

A fairy ring.

A chance to reignite the past.


An Elemental Web Tale


When Julia Marston stumbles upon her estranged husband’s lifeless body in a cemetery at dawn, she trips and falls into a fairy ring of softly glowing mushrooms. In the eerie silence, a glinting clockwork scarab takes flight. Has her husband’s dark past as an antiquities smuggler finally caught up to him? Will it shatter her present? 

Enter Graham Leyton, a man on a mission to retrieve stolen technology. Equally shocked at her husband’s death, he can’t help but ponder the possibility of a second chance with the woman he never stopped loving. But the crime scene presents a grim revelation. A once mutual friend, now consumed by his obsession with Julia, has reprogrammed the clockwork creature for a sinister purpose: murder.

As the race to capture the clockwork scarab unfolds, the past and present collide in a whirlwind of deceit and longing, hurtling toward a confrontation that will define their future.

“This author has the uncanny ability to take subjects that should make no logical sense together; such as mushrooms, mechanisms, and ancient Egyptian artifacts, to build a story around. Then she stirs them up in the melting pot of her world, and produces an incredible adventure that makes every conspiracy theory I’ve ever heard sound all too plausible after the impossible things her characters have just faced.”

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