If you love my books, I hope you’ll consider joining my ARC Team!

What’s an ARC? 

It stands for Advance Reading copy. An ARC Team is a hand-picked group of readers who receive free copies of my books in return for leaving honest reviews.

Normally, you’d receive these copies before a new book comes out, but sometimes authors offer books that need a few more reviews. Why do authors want reviews? Reviews (and ratings) can influence a book’s success – the more reviews a book has, the more likely online stores are to display it in search results.

Limited membership?

An author can only share so many free copies before a book’s credibility is affected. To that end, I reserve the right to limit how many people can join. However, if the list is currently full, I’m happy to hold onto your email for when a space opens up. 

Rules and Conditions?

You bet!

1) You must have reviewed at least one of my books. It’s a way to show that you’re actually one of my readers (not just looking for free books) and willing/able to write reviews. Please send a link or a screenshot of your review to: annerenwick1@gmail.com.

2) Going forward, I will be using BookSprout for ARCs. This website organizes my books, lets you directly download them, then keeps track of dates and reviews, making both our lives easier.

3) Can you read ALL my books? Because I’m new to BookSprout, just this once, I’ll go back to my very first book, THE GOLDEN SPIDER, and work forward from there. If you’ve already read and reviewed one of the books I post, simply don’t download it. Wait for the next book.

4) You can sign up to BookSprout here: https://booksprout.co/readers. Once you’re a member, I’ll add your email address to the list of readers allowed to download private ARCs.

5) As ARCs are ebooks, not print, you must own a device (ereader, tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc.).

6) ARC Team members are required to post reviews on a minimum of two storefronts from the following list: Amazon (Kindle), Apple Books, Barnes & Noble (Nook), Kobo, and Google Play.

7) You do not need to buy the book. Most places allow you to write a review whether you purchased it there or not. All you need is to have an account at that store. You also don’t need to post at the same stores every single time, so long as you post at two locations. (This author would be overjoyed, however, should you post at more than two stores and/or at BookBub and Goodreads as well!)

8) When you post a review: no spoilers! Please don’t give away plot twists or endings.

9) There will be deadlines. You’ll have a month to leave your review. If life is too busy, please do not download the book (this ensures you will not be penalized and will remain eligible for the next ARC).

10) If you don’t review the last book you downloaded, you will not be offered a new ARC.

11) Once you post your reviews, be sure to post it on BookSprout. No need to send me links or a screenshot!


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