This holiday season I broke with family tradition and… traveled. Where?

To Barcelona. It’s a beautiful old city with amazing architecture. But one of the things we found fascinating is an odd Christmas tradition they have. A pooping log.

Yep. You read that right. But I’ve cleaned my language up a bit. See this ridiculously happy log hanging out in a town square? He’s called a Caga tió. A ‘shitting log’. Early in the holiday season, parents bring home a small one… each night he ‘grows’, larger and larger – provided the children keep him warm with a blanket and feed him every evening. On Christmas, they sing a song and beat it with a stick to make it poop presents, usually sweets.

I kid you not.

We have SO MANY photos of tiós. Remember, I’m raising boys.

Still skeptical? Think I’m a bit insane? I don’t blame you. I had the same reaction at first. But you can read more about this tradition for yourself HERE.

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