Mayhem and murder endanger the foggy streets of Victorian London, where secrets and spies hide in a world of gaslamp fantasy


An Elemental Web Chronicle – Book One

Lady Amanda blackmailed her way into a prestigious London medical school…

Not the preferred method of entrance, of course, but necessary, for it’s the only way to force Lord Thornton, a professor at the school, to help her perfect her invention: a clockwork spider capable of spinning artificial nerves.

And Lord Thornton is interested… but is he interested in Amanda, or simply the invention that could cure his own debilitating injury? Neither one can trust the other, but both know this: any attraction is a danger, any romance forbidden.

But when a foreign spy steals the spider and uses it to perform grisly experiments on human subjects, they must set aside both their differences and their growing attraction to capture the killer terrorizing the streets of London.

“A page-turning steampunk romance!”

“Brilliant! I could not put this book down”

“Gadgets, mystery and romance… a perfect combination”

“a read-in-a-night book that keeps the reader turning the pages to find out what happens next”

“I adore this world and the author’s ability to blend fantastical impossibilities with genuine, factual science to the point where you really can’t tell where one ends and the other begins”

“as a woman in STEM I was THRILLED to be reading a book about a beautiful, smart woman and a brilliant, handsome mentor”

The Golden Spider Special Edition Cover Anne Renwick Steampunk Gaslamp Fantasy Romance

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