Off the windswept shores of Scotland, unnatural and deadly secrets lurk beneath the waves


An Elemental Web Chronicle – Book Three

Isa McQuiston is caught between two worlds.

Strange creatures are attacking her people, the injuries inflicted beyond her medical expertise. Men tossed ashore by the waves, drained of blood, a severed tentacle piercing their flesh. Any hope of finding answers involves forging a cautious alliance with a handsome outsider.

Dr. Alec McCullough, recovering naval officer, is investigating a rash of inexplicable octopus attacks, but his every effort is met with resistance. Coaxing an attractive young widow—the local healer—to allow him to examine the latest victim only leads to further complications. 

Together, they uncover layers of deceit—and creatures fabricated from a fusion of both living and mechanical components. As innocent lives are callously sacrificed, Isa and Alec struggle to forge a future together while attempting to prevent a disaster of international proportions.

“Women who find love on their own terms”

“The story pulls you in and won’t let go until the very end”

“Action, sprinkled with plot twists and a healthy dose of romance”

“All sorts of trouble and danger, political ramifications and conspiracy”

“Anatomy, biology and chemistry are mixed with Sci-fi in a steampunk setting, that sets the mind whirring with the possibilities of… what if?”

The Iron Fin Special Edition Cover Anne Renwick Steampunk Gaslamp Fantasy Romance

“…dashing heroes and the fierce heroines who battle beside them.”
“…sparks fly…”
“…an action-packed thriller.”

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