Truth or Lie?  Anne once used Windex to simulate urine.


Back in the day when Anne tortured undergraduates, there was an Anatomy & Physiology laboratory involving the collection of the students’ urine. (A control group, a group that swallowed salt tablets, and a group that swallowed caffeine tablets. All drank 1000ml of water. For the next three hours, they collected and analyzed the results to study the effects on kidney physiology.) Every thirty minutes, restrooms were visited. The ‘boys’ of the class came back giggling and elbowing each other. The ‘girls’ eyed each other nervously. They didn’t dare ask what was up, until Paul* came back with a cup full of blue urine. “What are you, a Smurf?” one female student asked. Cure hysterical male laughter. They’d been in the bathroom with a package of food coloring, dying their urine.

Anne vowed to turn the tables…

Come the final practical exam, where students move from station to station answering question after question relating to past laboratories, they came upon this question: What did Paul drink? Before them sat a graduated cylinder filled with Windex, a fluid a close color to the urine sample Paul produced the day of the kidney lab. As each student rotated into that station, laughter broke out. 

*Name changed to protect the guilty. If that’s you, and you want full credit, drop me a quick email 😉

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