When the boundaries between scientific pursuit and personal risk blur, love and danger intertwine in the most unexpected ways


An Elemental Web Chronicle – Book Four

Cait McCullough, venom expert, is trouble personified. 

Bored, she longs for excitement. And investigating a vicious fanged creature who stalks its victims by lamplight in darkest London offers the perfect opportunity. Working with a handsome, unmarried agent? A delightful bonus.

Agent Jonathan “Jack” Tagert’s impending blindness threatens his line of work. The timing couldn’t be worse. When a deadly attack upon a lord at his brother’s engagement ball connects to a string of odd murders, the hunt begins for a seductive predator.

Societal scandal binds them together, sending them on a perilous mission to trace the creature’s past, to separate fact from myth. As the venomous truth slithers near, time is running out. Can the pair untangle a mystery and stop the body count from rising?

“mystery and romance, mythological creatures and science”

“I love this world, Victorian mid-1880’s, full of science, intrigue, and legendary creatures. I also love that the women are smart, strong, and sassy. They know what they want and go after it at full speed!”

“The intrigue and romance are one thing, but the scientific and medical twists are what really hooked me. I am a practicing physician and in each story I haven’t found fault with the backbone medical facts mixed in the science fiction.”

Venomous Secrets Special Edition Cover Anne Renwick Steampunk Gaslamp Fantasy Romance

“full of science, intrigue, and legendary creatures”

“cool steampunk technology, all wrapped with an enticing dash of humour and romance!”

“What happens when you mix pipettes and labs, steam powered robots and carriages, Agents for the Crown, and a female scientist who wants to become an Agent herself? Steampunk at its best!”

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